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List of publications indexed in Econlit

  • Lanzara G., Minerva G.A. (2019) Tourism, amenities, and welfare in an urban setting. Journal of Regional Science 59, 452-479.
  • Bürker M., Minerva G.A. (2014) Civic capital and the size distribution of plants: Short-run dynamics and long-run equilibrium. Journal of Economic Geography 14, 797-847.
  • Bürker M., Franco C., Minerva G.A. (2013) Foreign ownership, firm performance, and the geography of civic capital. Regional Science and Urban Economics 43, 964-984.
  • Casaburi L., Minerva G.A. (2011) Production in Advance versus Production to Order: The Role of Downstream Spatial Clustering and Product Differentiation. Journal of Urban Economics 70, 32-46.
  • Minerva G.A., Ottaviano G.I.P. (2009) Endogenous Growth Theories: Agglomeration Benefits and Transportation Costs, in R. Capello and P. Nijkamp, eds., Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
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  • Federico S., Minerva G.A. (2008) Outward FDI and Local Employment Growth in Italy. Review of World Economics 144, 295-324.
  • Casaburi L., Gattai V., Minerva G.A. (2007) Firms' international status and heterogeneity in performance: Evidence from Italy. Rivista di Politica Economica 97, 151-187. Reprinted in L. Lambertini, ed. (2009) Firms' Objectives and Internal Organization in a Global Economy: Positive and Normative Analysis. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Minerva G.A. (2007) Natural Advantage Effect, Location and Trade Patterns in Increasing Returns to Scale Industries. Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies 19, 21-48.
  • Minerva G.A. (2005) Location and Product Differentiation in a Duopoly with Externalities. Economia Politica 22, 217-234.
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Other publications

  • Lanzara G., Minerva G.A. (2021) Disuguaglianza urbana e flussi turistici in Italia nel periodo 2001-2011, Allegato al XX Rapporto Annuale INPS. Roma: Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale.
  • Minerva G.A. (2012) Book review of "The Geography of Competition. Firms, Prices, and Localization", by J.R. Miron. Scienze Regionali 11, 141-144.
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  • Minerva G.A. (2012) La variazione degli indici di segregazione etnica a Bologna nel periodo 1991-2009. EyesReg 2, 88-91.

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