Working papers and Works in progress

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Working papers

Minerva G.A. (2023) The strategic proximity-concentration trade-off with multiproduct multinational firms. Revision resubmitted to International Economics.
Abstract: I study the proximity-concentration trade-off faced by two multiproduct multinational firms that operate in two countries under horizontal product differentiation. In this context, characterized by two-way trade and FDI, the trade-off regulates the number of domestic affiliates (concentration) against the number of foreign affiliates (proximity) in a way that is affected by the strategic interaction mechanisms typical of oligopolistic settings. I also show how multinationals’ market shares, prices, and markups react to changes in investment and trade frictions, and in the degree of product substitutability.
Best Conferece Paper Award at the 9th FIW Research Conference, University of Vienna.

Minerva G.A. (2017) Integration versus Outsourcing with Vertical Linkages. Development Studies Working Papers N. 411, Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano.
Abstract: In the model by Grossman and Helpman (2002) no industry has both vertically integrated and specialized producers in equilibrium. I generalize their model by assuming that final goods producers (irrespective of whether they are vertically integrated with the upstream stage or specialized in the downstream stage only) need a basket of differentiated commodities, in addition to labor, as a fixed requirement for production. I then show the existence of an equilibrium populated simultaneously by vertically integrated and disintegrated firms.
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Works in progress

Lanzara G., Minerva G.A., Tourism Inequality.

Minerva G.A., City, Amenities, and Welfare, in K.F. Zimmerman, Ed., Handbook of Labor, Human Resources, and Population Economics, Section: Regional Labor, Urban Economics and Economic Geography (J.A. Molina, Ed.), Springer Nature, forthcoming.

Minerva G.A., Wendiggensen M., Text analysis of EU Parliament speeches.