Working papers and Works in progress

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Working papers

Minerva G.A. (2017) Integration versus Outsourcing with Vertical Linkages. Development Studies Working Papers N. 411, Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano.
Abstract: In the model by Grossman and Helpman (2002) no industry has both vertically integrated and specialized producers in equilibrium. I generalize their model by assuming that final goods producers (irrespective of whether they are vertically integrated with the upstream stage or specialized in the downstream stage only) need a basket of differentiated commodities, in addition to labor, as a fixed requirement for production. I then show the existence of an equilibrium populated simultaneously by vertically integrated and disintegrated firms.
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Works in progress

Lanzara G., Minerva G.A., Tourism Inequality.

Minerva G.A., City, Amenities, and Welfare.

Minerva G.A., Wendiggensen M., Text analysis of EU Parliament speeches.